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Listing Agent Playbook with 9 Bonuses Shows You How To Find and Sign Motivated Sellers on a Consistent Basis

Listing Agent Playbook®

"Learn How To List Dozens (Even Hundreds) Of Homes Per Year"

Yes!  I want the Listing Agent Playbook ...

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Reality Check:

In most markets, a saleable listing will bring $5,000 to $10,000 in GCI ... often more ... for one hour of your time.

But you need to be prepared. Your competition is hungry too.

Second place at a listing appointment ... is the first loser ... and gets zero income. 

You can NOT afford to have a weak listing presentation. Your competition is going to bring their "A" game. 

Only one of you will get paid. 

You need the best tools available to win the listing appointment ... and get a signature.

Enter the Listing Agent Playbook.

In LAP, you will learn how to beat your competitors, get hired on the spot, list at the right price, and your full commission.

14 Top Agents Reveal Their "Real Life" Super Successful Listing Presentations In "Raw" And "Unedited" Video Sessions ... Discover Their "Inside" Strategies, Approaches, and Scripts

Watch Over Their Shoulder And Onto The Computer Screen Of Each Top Agent As They Walk You Through Their "Real Life" Listing Presentation

5 Hot Topics Inside:

  • DISCOUNT BROKERS: How to beat them, get paid your full commission, and have the seller thank you
  • SELLER STALL: How to turn a seller "I want to think about it" into a "Yes" in 3 minutes or less
  • HIGHEST RATE: Offer 3 rates and see why the seller always picks your highest commission
  • 10 MINUTE PRESENTATION: See the fast presentation used by an agent list over 500 homes per year
  • IN OFFICE APPOINTMENT: How to get sellers to meet you at your office and get hired before you see the home, recommend a price, or give staging advice

See Top Agent Scripts, Checklists, Marketing Plans, Pre-Listing Packets, Listing Presentations, Charts & Graphs, Home Staging Booklets, And Materials To Become A Listing Master

Model The Top Agent Approaches ... Mimic Their Words ... And Watch In Amazement As Sellers Beg You To List Their Home ... At The Right Price ... And Your Full Commission

What Is The Purpose Of The Playbook?  

To discover what top agents are REALLY doing to list so many homes each year ... and how you can too.  

I asked 14 top agents I know to demonstrate their "real life" listing presentation ... online ... while I video record it. To walk me through their entire process.  

Some said it was too valuable. Some told me it was too messy. Some said it was too hard to describe the "real" process. I said "show me anyway". Don't show me fluff. Show me EXACTLY what you are doing and saying during the listing process and presentation.  

Amazingly, 14 top agents agreed to open their komono and show us what is really happening inside. It was RAW & UNEDITTED. It was DIRECT. It is what WORKS. Here's what happened ...

Top agents shared (and you can DOWNLOAD for review) their:  

  • SELLER LEAD "INTAKE" SHEETS - ask all the right questions to discover the seller's "real" motivation.
  • PRE-LISTING PACKETS - position and "sell" your service before you arrive.
  • LISTING PRESENTATIONS - follow a clear organized approach that results in a signed listing agreement.
  • MARKETING PLANS - keep the marketing simple, effective, and inexpensive while showing huge value.
  • STAGING HANDOUTS - give the seller tips and advice to stage their home for a faster sale and greater price.

Plus responses (SCRIPTS) to the 3 Most Common Seller Objections & Stalls:  

  • "I want a higher price."
  • "Will you lower your commission?"
  • "I want to think it over."

Learn how to list homes at the RIGHT PRICE and your FULL COMMISSION ... the first time out.  

Also discover Listing Metrics

  • Where to present your listing appointment: at the house, at the office, or over-the-phone.
  • How long the average listing apointment takes.
  • What percentage of the time the seller signs the listing agreement.
  • The most used CMA software.

See their Handouts & Tools

  • Charts & Graphs (absorption rates, months supply of housing, price trends, contract activity, probability of selling)
  • Single Agent vs. Team Agent Graphics (pros and cons of each)
  • CMA Analysis (raw or polished)
  • Net Sheets (what to include and when to use)
  • Scripts & Checklists (what to say and how to stay organized)  

Learn their Best Practices & Statagies to:  

  • Position yourself as the first (or last) agent to present when competing for the listing.
  • Take control of the process in a gentle way ... with one sentence.
  • Present a simple (and inexpensive) marketing plan that looks like a million dollars.
  • Set the price right at the beginning ... and how to pre-sign price reductions if they insist on a higher price.
  • Make your commission look like a bargain ... even compared to a discount broker.
  • Close for the business ... with simple easy-to-remember scripts ... and get the listing signed every time.  

Also, you'll see a very special session using the:  

  • Question Based Presentation Model - the entire presentation is nothing but questions (fast & efficient - sellers love it). The question-centered presentation style is based on an agent who sold over 10,000 properties worth over 4 billion. It is powerful.  

Plus the advanced technique:  

  • Find out how to get hired BEFORE you give away your expertise on PRICE (cma) and CONDITION (staging)

The top agents lay it all right out there for you! Just watch, model the ideas you like, and go list more homes.

8 Major Areas Covered In The Playbook


You only want to work with "motivated sellers" and list "saleable" homes. Working with sellers who are just "testing the market" or properties that are "over mortgaged" .... will drive you crazy. So find out early. How? Pre-qulify the seller over-the-phone BEFORE you go on the listing appointment. See the scripts and checklists used by the top agents. Learn which question you MUST ask to discover the seller's true motivation and timeline.  


Don't walk into a house as a scary stranger. Instead, enter the house as a celebrity, an expert, a welcomed guest. How? Pre-sell the home owner on you before you arrive with a pre-listing package or email. Educate the seller with a resume, testimonials, FAQs, marketing samples, and your approach to selling homes. Some agents are sending personalized introduction video emails ... super easy and super effective. See samples and examples the top agents are using to position themselves for success before they arrive.  


People like winners. People want to work with people who have already proven themselves ... people who have a deep knowledge base ... experts. If you have a great track record, share it. Toot your own horn. Brag. It's ok. If you don't tell the seller, your competion won't do it for you. And if you don't have a track record yet, ride on your broker/office coattails. Just say "we sold X" instead of "I sold X". All the top agents started at zero on day one. Remember "market knowledge" can be quickly gained by anyone willing to review the MLS and preview a few homes. Learn the best ways to position yourself as the expert and gain the seller's trust.  


Don't practice the 3 P's of selling homes: put a sign in the yard, put it in the MLS, and pray. I remember older agents burying statues of Catholic Saints in the backyard of their listings. Most sellers will not be impressed. Instead, have a well thought out marketing plan. List all the things you will do to get the home sold. Show the seller everything in an organized manner. And contrary to popular perception, most top agents do NOT have expensive marketing plans. They do have "systematized" marketing plans with very clear descriptions of what they do and how it will help sell the home. Join us in the playbook and see inside the simple marketing plans of the top agents and discover how to present your marketing plan.  


There is an art and a science to pricing homes correctly. You collect comparable sales data and analyze it ... science. Then you use your knowledge of the general market and buyer preferences to adjust the price ... art. Watch as top agents work their way through the pricing question. Their goal is a quick sale while maximizing seller profit. They don't want to "over price" it ... and they don't want to "under price" it either. See advanced tools like absorption rates and selling probability at different price levels. All this shows your expert status, builds trust with the seller, and improves the odds of selling. Watch how the top agents do it.  


Charging what you are worth is paramount to long term success. You can not feed your family on zero-profit rates. But the market is competitive. Seems like every month a new "discount fee" company springs up. So why don't they receive all the business? In a word, trust. People know, "you get what you pay for". Learn the strategies the top agents use to distiguish themselves, show their true value, and easily get sellers to agree to their full commission rates ... and thank you for bringing value into their lives ... with higher prices, bigger nets, and smoother transactions. It's all about positioning. Discover how the top agents do it. Then do it in your market.  


Most seller objections are handled BEFORE the close ... with a great listing process. Common questions and concerns can be addressed in the "pre-sale" phase. But sometimes a seller will still give the common objections at the appointment: "I want a higher price", "I want you to lower your commission", and "I want to think about it". Watch as the top agents easily handle these 3 common objections and turn the situation into an immediate signed listing.  


How do you get a signature on a listing agreement? What do you say? How do you get hired at the moment of truth? Should you be the first agent, middle agent, or last agent? The top agents each have simple solutions. Watch and listen.

Plus Learn These Advanced Techniques


Eliminate long drives to the seller's house. Save hours in the car per week. Instead, bring sellers to the office (or handle over the phone). Get them to hire you first. Then AFTER you are hired, you can drive to their house as their new agent and look at it, take measurements, give staging advice, put the sign up, and take photographs. The drive is a lot more fun knowing you are already their agent. Learn exactly how to structure "office listing appointments" and what to say to make this happen. It's easier than you think.  


How? Handle steps 1-7 above either over the phone or online. Then step 8 "asking for the business" takes just a few minutes in person. You'll see how top agents are using technology to save time. It's just like a doctor using staff to "prep" the patient, then she does a quick "conclusion" talk at the end of your visit. Top agents are now using technology to handle most of the early steps online with email, forms, and videos. Discover how they are turning 2 hours listing presentations into 15 minute confirmation "close" meetings.  


Sellers are scared to hire you. They are worried you won't sell their home at the "right price" and they will be "stuck" with you. Solve this problem with "risk reversal" performance promises, programs, and guarantees. For instance, you can use the Certified Pre-Owned Homes Program, the Easy Exit Listing Guarantee, the Weekly Communication Guarantee, or the Guaranteed Sale Program (Your Home Sold In X Days Or I'll Do Y => pay you $500, reduce my fee, buy your house,...). Learn exactly how these promises, programs, and guarantees work. See how they are presented and the language used.  

And learn the MENTAL SIDE to listing lots of homes ...  

... Fastest Way To Build Confidence ... Attitude You Need to Succeed ... What to Think About When Talking With A Seller  

And so much more!

Inside the playbook, you will see ...


See exactly how top agents lay out their proven presentations.

Learn From Top Agents Who Sell Up To 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, And Even 1,300 Homes Per Year

I hand-picked top agents who are at the top of their game … who know how to list homes … whom I have the utmost respect for … and I know will be "bringing it" with massive amounts of value!

And you should know, each of them jumped on board with this program, without hesitation, and despite their busy schedules … which speaks volumes to their passion and dedication to helping you.

Look Who's Talking ...

You get to look inside the super successful "real life" listing presentations of these 14 top agents ...

Eric Hatch

Sold 508 Homes Worth 108 Million In One Year

"Justify your commission by reducing to the ridiculous."

Chantel Ray

1,300 Homes To Be Sold This Year

"Your presentation should only be 10 minutes long."

Brian Maecker

Sold 235 Homes Worth 45 Million In One Year

"Keep it simple. Collect and show testimonials."

Melinda Estridge

Sold 120 Homes Worth 70 Million In One Year

"Question based presentation. Add value with staging."

Nate Martinez

Sold 616 Homes Worth 68 Million In One Year

"Apple Marketing System and launching homes in the market."

Patrick Tuttle

Sold 80 Homes Worth 15 Million In One Year

"Video emails, FAQ emails, and in office appointments."

Paul Wheeler

Sold 248 Homes Worth 35 Million In One Year

"Servant's Heart Selling. Give lots of options. Detach from the outcome."

Judy Jackson

Listed 7 Homes In 7 Days

"Sellers love to see enthusiasm for selling their home."

Shane White

Sold 212 Homes Worth 36 Million In One Year

"76 point marketing plan. Be the first agent to present."

Steve Cohen

Sold 106 Homes Worth 26 Million In One Year

"List the people, not the property."

Char MacCallum

Sold 210 Homes Worth 35 Million In One Year

"Be flexible. Ask sellers what's most important to them. Talk about that."

Bob McTague

Sold 210 Homes Worth 32 Million In One Year

"Ugly CMA. 10 point listing process. Cut to the chase."

Wayne Turner

Sold 286 Homes Worth 51 Million In One Year

"The 3 minute solution to seller stall 'I want to think it over.'"

Denny Grimes

Sold 400 Homes Worth 150 Million In One Year

"The property is irrelevant. All that matters is having a motivated seller."

You'll Get LIFETIME Access to:

VIDEO ... watch all 14 presentations online

AUDIO ... listen to 14 downloadable MP3 audio files

TEXT ... download presentation slides & handouts

Listing Agent Playbook

Here's What You'll Get Inside ...

You'll see 14 top agents demonstrate their super successful "real life" listing presentations.
See exactly how they list dozens (even hundreds) of homes per year.

Online Video Training ...

Watch each top agent "real listing presentaion from the comfort of your own home or office.

Discover why these agents sell up to 00, 200, 300, 400, 500, and even 1,300 homes per year.

Why reinvent the wheel?

Watch what is already working ... and adapt it to your style.


20 years ago I wanted to see INSIDE the Listing Presentation of a top agent. He was listing and selling 200 homes per year. I wanted to be like him.  

A company made a video of this top agent's listing presentation. It was about 1 hour long ... and cost $1,000 in today's money. I got to see his materials, listen to how he presented it, and understand his philosopy.  

Was it worth it?  


I applied what I learned from that video, made it my own, practiced, and went out and started taking listings. Lots of listings. I averaged 5 to 10 listings per month. In my best month, I listed 21 homes (at 21 different kitchen tables). It was awesome!  

I made my investment back when my first listing closed ... then made literally a thousand times my investment back over the next few years.  

Pricing this playbook is hard.  

If I use the PRICE I paid before for the ONE listing presentation, the playbook would cost $14,000 in today's dollars (14 times $1,000 per session).  

If I base the pricing on the VALUE it will bring to your business, I don't know the true number. If I charged you a 25% referral fee for all the new listings signed and you brought in an extra $100,000 in commission in the next few years, the price would be $25,000.  

But $14,000 and $25,000 seems too high to me.  

Although it would be worth it, I don't think most agents could afford it.  

So I'm going to set the price (for all 14 sessions) at what I paid for ONE session, but in today's dollars ... at only $997.  

You're getting 14 times what I received ... for basically the same price I paid.  

I think that's fair.  

But more importantly, I think you will benefit greatly.  

The insight you'll gain by seeing inside the listing presentions of these 14 top agents in the nation ... is priceless.  

You'll learn how to take dozens of listings at the right price and your full commission.  

You'll have the screening process to only work with motivated sellers.  

You'll have the tools to list homes at prices that will sell quickly ... and maximize the profit for the seller.  

You'll have a marketing plan and staging strategy that will draw in the right buyer.  

You'll have the confidence and the scripts to charge a full commission, stick to your guns, and have the seller thank you for the service.  

Knowledge is power.  

Action is the fuel.  

Take action now, buy your copy of the Listing Agent Playbook, get immediate access, and take your career to the next level today.

3 Fast Action Bonuses

When you purchase today, you'll get 3 fast-action limited-time bonuses designed to speed up your learning curve and get you to a signed listing faster.

Seller Lead Sheet Template

($60 value)

Customizable Download

Ask these questions to quickly determine seller motivation and timing. In Word so you can customize to your style.

Listing Presentation Template

($700 value)

Customizable Download

39 page presentation is modeled after the common concepts of the 14 top agents in the playbook. In Word and PowerPoint. Also doubles as a Pre-Listing Packet.

Mike's 21 Listings In 30 Days Presentation

($500 value)

Watch & Download

See the exact listing presentation Mike used to list 21 sellers at 21 different kitchen tables in 30 days.

3 Seller LEAD Generation Bonuses

When you purchase today, you'll get 3 bonuses designed to FIND more sellers who need to sell their home ... and you can list with your new skills. (This is a $600 value.) Learn how to get dozens of seller leads per month.

Agent Lead Generation Summit Recordings

($200 value)

17 top agents answered this question in step-by-step detail: "What is your #1 BEST lead generation method in today's market?" 

Discover how one agent lists 20 homes per month with a simple geo farm newsletter. Find out how another agent gets $5 seller leads with Facebook. Plus how another listed 14 expireds in 30 days. And so much more. 

Expired Listing "Ugly Yellow Postcard" Marketing Kit

($200 value)

Sellers who own a home that was on the market, but expired ... are now motivated sellers ... and are looking for a new agent.

The competition for these hot listings is intense. So you need a way to stand out.

Enter the super successful "Ugly Yellow Postcards" designed to get sellers to pick up the phone, call you, and ask for your service.

For Sale By Owner "Ugly Yellow Postcard" Marketing Kit

($200 value)

Some sellers want to "try" to sell on their own (FSBO). 4 out of 5 fail and need the services of a professional agent.

Be the agent the seller calls when their original plan bombs.

Mail the proven "Ugly Yellow Postcards" that get noticed, saved, and acted on. Sellers call you when they are ready for a pro to get the home sold.

3 Opportunity Bonuses

When you purchase today, you'll get 3 bonuses designed to ease your investment, open doors to massive listing strategies, and reveal the lucrative commercial listing world.

Monthly Payment Option

The retail price of LAP is paid in one lump sum payment. With the massive ROI of the program, this is an easy option for seasoned agents.

However, newer agents may be short of funds and need to spread the investment out over time. Now you can with the monthly payment option. 

Billion Dollar Listing Presentation

($500 value)

Download and review the 28 page listing presentation of "Agent X" our mystery agent who sold 8,000 properties in his 42 year career worth a billion dollars.

He loves real estate so much, he is still listing homes today ... and using this presentation to list and sell 200+ homes per year.

Commercial Listing Presentation

($900 value)

Download and review the 27 page "commercial" listing presentation of "Agent X" used to earn millions in GCI listing and selling apartment buildings, retail stores, strip malls, warehouses, office buildings, raw land, and more.  

This commercial listing presentation is DRAMATICALLY different than residential.  

This is a RARE opportunity to look at a successful commercial presentation ... and even includes a plan-of-action outlining how to find buyers for commercial properties.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied for any reason, email me and I will refund your purchase right away. You have nothing to lose. I'm taking all the risk. I know you are going to love and profit from these sessions ... and multiple your investment with your first new listing. Then multiple that again with all your future listings.

What Agents Are Saying About The Playbook

"Love all the Listing Agent Playbook material. I listen everyday. Used it to get a $939,900 listing and SOLD it for $1,165,000 in 5 days on a (above average rate and $81,550 total) commission. I’m so glad to have you. Thanks and God Bless." - Roby J. Thomas "I love all the LAP content!!! I’m new to the industry and had trouble creating a listing presentation. It was robbing my confidence. Now, that has changed. Looking forward to becoming a high producing agent this year. Thank you!!!!!" - Anthony Flores

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the Listing Agent Playbook?

14 top agents his show you their listing presentation in step-by-step detail.

These agents sell up to 50, 100, 200, 300, 500, and even 1,300 home per year.

Find the presentation that matches your personaliy and style.

Model their approach and become a listing master.

Yes!  I want the Listing Agent Playbook ...

2. Who is the playbook designed for?

The playbook is an advanced training program for experienced agents who want to master listing and take their career to the next level.

You will have the greatest success with the program if you have signed listings ... and even more success if you have bombed listings (failed to get a signature). 

This training course will show you how to turn those setbacks into building blocks. 

3. What will I learn?

Listing mastery including how to:

  • Present a logical presentation 
  • Get your sellers to agree to a fair price 
  • Receive your full commission 
  • Launch your listings for a quick sale 
  • Sign more listings with happy sellers

Most importantly, with your new tools, you'll gain the confidence to list any home you want ... and turn down the listings you don't.

4. What tools are inside the playbook?

Here are just a few tools you'll be able to add to your listing toolbox:

  • scripts
  • checklists 
  • seller lead questionnaires
  • appointment confirmation emails 
  • pre-listing packets 
  • listing presentations 
  • marketing plans 
  • charts & graphs 
  • CMAs & net sheets 
  • absorption rate pricing techniques 
  • home staging booklets 
  • and extra materials

You'll look like a professional and attract sellers like bees to honey.

5. How do I handle seller objections?

Experienced agents know one thing: if you leave the house without a signature, your odds of getting the listing fall to almost zero.

You need to be prepared to answer the seller's objection immediately.

Luckily, sellers only know a few stalls.

The 3 most common objections are:

  • I want to price my home higher 
  • I want you to lower your commission 
  • I want to think it over 

Each top agent shows you how they handle each objection quickly and on the spot.

Pick the response that matches your personality and double your success rate overnight.

6. When does the course start ... and how long do I have access to the playbook?

Some courses require you to work around an instructor's schedule. Often you get one hour of time per week for three to four months. If you miss one, too bad.

The Listing Agent Playbook is different ... it's a video training course that you can take when you want. Binge watch it all in one day or watch for an hour each day. You set the pace.

The goal is to have you taking listings in 7 days or less.

You'll get immediate access to:

  • 14 videos - watch the action online
  • 14 audios - download and listen to the mp3 anywhere you go
  • Dozens of samples - download and review listing presentations, booklets, and handouts  

You'll receive LIFETIME access to the playbook.

7. What topics are covered in each session?

  • Pre-Qualifying the Seller Lead over the Phone 
  • Pre-Listing Packets & Activity Checklists 
  • Listing Appointment - Stage 1 - Door to the Table 
  • Listing Appointment - Stage 2 - Table to the Signature/Close 
  • Handling Objections 

Every step of the listing process is dicussed, analyzed, and shared with you.

8. What are the session titles and topics?

  • In Office Appointments – 85% Show Up Rate – 70% Sign Up Rate
  • On Track To Sell 1,300 Homes This Year – The 10 Minute Listing Presentation 
  • 75% Of His Business Is Sellers – 77% Sign Up Rate 
  • Question-Based Listing Presentation – Staging As A Competitive Advantage 
  • Launching Houses Into The Market With His “Apple Marketing” System For Faster Sales 
  • Video Email To Build Rapport – In Office Listing Appointments 
  • His 3 Option Commission Plan And Why Everyone Chooses The Highest Rate 
  • Selling With Enthusiasm – How To Never Work A Weekend Again 
  • Why He’d Rather Be The First Agent Presenting – Using Trial Closes 
  • How He Lists Homes In His Office Without Looking At The House Or Giving A Price 
  • Talk About What The Seller Wants To Talk About – How Can I Help You Today? 
  • 10 Step Process For Listing More Homes – The Ideal Client – The Ugly CMA 
  • The Step Away Technique To Handle The “I Want To Think About It” Stall 
  • There Are No Bad Properties Just Bad Property Owners 
  • Handshake Agreement with Electronic Documents To Be Signed In Few Days


Youll learn the best practices from the best agents in the nation .

9. What is the price?

$997 (earn back 5 times your investment with your first closing)

You can also select a monthly plan of $97 for 12 months.

Of course, you really need to ask:

What is the value?


How much do you earn on your average listing? Now multiple that by 100.

10. Does the playbook have a guarantee?


You get a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

If you are not satisfied for any reason, email me and I will refund your purchase right away. You have nothing to lose. I'm taking all the risk. I know you are going to love and profit from these sessions ... and multiple your investment with your first new listing. Then multiple that again with all your future listings.

11. How do I generate seller LEADS to show off my new listing presentation skills and sign up home sellers on a consistent basis?

When you buy today, you will get the following bonuses: 

1. Agent Lead Generation Summit Recordings ($200 value). 17 top agents answered this question in step-by-step detail: "What is your #1 BEST lead generation method in today's market?"

2. Expired Listing "Ugly Yellow Postard" Marketing Kit ($200 value). Sellers who failed to sell their home are motivated, agreeable to a price reduction, willing to pay a commision, and want a fresh start with a new agent. Why not you? These postcards talk the seller's language, get the seller to pick up the phone, call, and beg you to list their home.

3. For Sale By Owner "Ugly Yellow Postcard" Marketing Kit ($200 value). Some sellers want to try it on their own first. Most will try for a few weeks, give up, and hire a professional (4 out of 5). Be there when they throw in the towel. These postcards position you as the friendly professional agent they want to hire.

With these powerful bonuses, you will know how to find seller leads and set listing appoitnments anytime you want or need a new listing.

With the Listing Agent Playbook, you will know how to sign every seller at every listing appoinment at the right price and your full commission.

It is a power packed one-two punch.

Consistent listings are the source of consistent monhly income ... and peace of mind.

Get the Listing Agent Playbook today and start talking listings tomorrow.

Your Playbook Guide

The Playbook is proudly sponsored by Master Mind Agent LLC


Mike is the host of SUCCESS CALLS on the Master Mind Agent Network. Mike interviews the top real estate agents in the nation who sell up to 50, 100, 200, 300, and even 500+ homes per year. These amazing agents share their success secrets strategies and systems. Mike believes it's easier to learn from those who've already figured it out, then to try and re-invent the wheel.  

Listing Agent Playbook brings you the sharpest minds in the real estate industry to share their strategies for listing more homes in less time at the right price and your full commission.  

In the playbook, each top agent demonstrates their "real life" listing presentation. Look over their shoulder and onto their computer screen as they share decades of knowledge, experience, and wisdom.

Mike also shares the insight he learned by listing 21 homes in 30 days.  

Mike is excited and honored to host this advanced training program. I hope you'll join us.