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Referral Agent Nation

The Invitation Only Community Inside eXp Realty Where You Get Access To RAMS (The Referral Agent Mastery System) With Free Weekly Coaching, World Class CRM kvCore, Healthcare, And So Much More

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Referral Agent Success Story

College Dropout to Real Estate Master

During her first semester of college, Desi Sowers knew college was not the right path for her. She dropped out, married her sweetheart, and started a family. Desi took "side jobs" to help the household including cleaning people's houses for 10 years. At 40, she decided to get into real estate. It was a good fit. She built her practice slowly helping her friends and family. Eventually Desi sold 78 homes in one year and earned 460k in gci as a solo agent. 90% of her business is repeat and referral from her PCSOI (past clients and sphere of influence). Best of all, Desi now sells the same houses that she used to clean the toilets. Being a referral agent is more fun and pays better.

Referral Agent Success Story

New Agent Sells 2 Homes Per Month

After working 20 years in corporate America, Gary Walls left for a second career in real estate, sold 24 homes, and earned 217k in GCI in his first 12 months full time. How? He made of list of all his friends, family, and past business acquaintances. Then Gary announced his new career, offered services, and added value to his people through an old fashioned approach ... direct mail with a follow up phone call. By being friendly, creative, and persistent, he quickly received calls and clients. Referrals are 100% of his business.

Why eXp Realty?

We chose to build Referral Agent Nation inside eXp Realty for several reasons.

1. Community Without Boarders. eXp is a international real estate brokerage. Our members share common tools, resources, and culture. We can network across state lines (and now national lines too). Find out what is working in other markets and bring those ideas to your area. Too many agents are myopic and only focus on their local market. In this community, you are exposed to the best ideas from across the nation and the world.

2. Momentum. eXp is the fastest growing real estate brokerage of all time. Agents, teams, and entire brokerages are joining for the massive benefits (many never offered before). This excitement and forward momentum is contagious and ignites your spirit and creativity.

3. Multiple Revenue Streams. eXp is agent-centric and looks for multiple way to compensate agents. Most brokerages reward agents one way ... commissions. eXp pays agents excellent commissions ... AND adds two additional compensation streams (which are NOT mandatory, but at the agent's option) ... company stock and revenue share referrals.


Commission Income

When you close a transaction, you get paid a healthy commission. All agents at eXp are on the same 80/20 split with a 16k cap, then receive a 100% split. There are NO desk fees, royalty fees, or franchise fees. Plus eXp offers 50+ hours of live "production focused" training every week. IN addition, Referral Agent Nation will share methods for maximizing your closings (with RAMS) while doing it more efficiently (with systems).

Company Stock

Agent Ownership

This is something very special. eXp gives agents company stock (EXPI trades on the NASDAQ) for being productive and selling homes. You receive free stock awards three ways: your first closing every year, when you cap, and when you refer an agent who joins. Plus if you cap and sell an additional 20 homes (ICON), you can receive your entire 16k cap back in the form of stock. (Conditions and vesting apply.) In addition, you can request to have 5% of each commission check exchanged for company stock at a 10% discount. With stock, you are a company owner, share in the company's success, and can build a retirement fund.

Revenue Share

Growth Referral Fees

This is an optional program. There is NO obligation or expectation of your involvement. That said, eXp created something extraordinary and unheard of in the industry. The ability to receive referral fees (and share in the revenue) of agents you refer to the company. If they join and name you as sponsor, you may receive a small referral fee when they close transactions (paid from the company's 20% not the agent's 80%). It's a small "thank you" from the company that can add up to something very special.

What Is eXp Realty?

Watch the video below to learn about eXp Realty. Get out a notepad and write down your thoughts and questions.

What real life agents are saying about eXp Realty ...

Referral Agent Success Story

World Traveler Sells 96 Homes Annually

Joy Russell built her real estate business around her passion of visiting new and exotic locations around the world. So far, she's visited over 40 counties and has the dream to visit all 200+. Yet Joy also loves selling real estate. In the same year she traveled for six months, she also sold 96 homes and earned 501k in GCI as a solo agent. How? By working exclusively with repeats and referrals from her friends, family, and past clients. Referrals are 90% of her business. Everyone knows Joy travels and they love to hear her adventure stories (and see the pictures). Her secret? She works hard for 10 days. Then travels for 10 days. Joy gives her people the option to work with another agent while she is gone. But they all wait for her to get back. Amazing!

Access To Honey Badger Nation Community And Resources

This private Facebook group is a mastermind of over five thousand agents who share ideas, best practices, and referrals. It is lead by three industry giants: Jay Kinder (who sold 531 homes in one year), Michael Reese (who sold 324 homes in one year) and Al Stasek (who sold 212 homes in one year).

Feel free to drop into any of the 4 weekly roundtable meetings (optional attendance) including: production Q&A, coaching corner, live top agent interviews (you can ask questions), and NAEA training (including scripts and role play).

You'll also gain full access to the Home Buyer/Seller Expert Advisor courses and certification (with proven buyer and listing presentations).

Referral Agent Success Story

Former School Teacher Sells Homes To Past Students

After teaching middle school kids for 30 years, Gary Raze started a second career in real estate. At first he reached out to friends and family. Then as his reputation for excellent service grew, former students (now in their 20's and 30's) contacted him asking for his help to purchase their first home. His sphere grew as these same students referred their parents. Gary's favorite marketing piece is a monthly newsletter with intentionally misspelled words. He gives prizes to anyone who can identify all the errors correctly. Gary sold 69 homes in one year and earned 510k in GCI as a solo agent. Referrals are 95% of his business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Splits At eXp Realty?

All agents at eXp are on the same 80/20 split with a 16k cap, then receive a 100% split. Amazingly, once you cap, if you're able to close 20 more transactions within your calendar year, you're eligible to receive all 16k cap back in eXp stock. There are NO desk fees, royalty fees, or franchise fees.

What Local Support Do eXp Agents Receive?

Each eXp agent works under a local brokerage with dedicated local support staff. If you're a brand new agent, you'll also be assigned a local mentor to help you through your first 3 transactions.

In addition, you have access to eXp World where top-producing agents are teaching, training, and coaching in their area of expertise daily.

What Are The Different Ways eXp Agents Are Compensated?

The company offers 8 ways for agents to earn. These are the top 3.

1. Transaction Commission Income. Make a sale, earn a commission.

2. Company Stock Agent Ownership. Instead of giving you silly trophies for your accomplishments, eXp rewards you with stock for selling homes. There are four ways to receive free stock awards and one way to buy at a discount. Stop renting your career and become an owner in a publicly traded company (EXPI).

3. Revenue Share Growth Referral Fees. As you become more successful at eXp, other agents notice, and want to join with you. When they name you as their sponsor and start closing transactions, you'll receive referral fees from the company as a "thank you" for helping the company grow. NOTE: Rev Share participation is optional and not required. Just a bonus if you want it.

And a bonus ...

4. Referrals From Agents. eXp agents and HBN agents love to send referrals to each other. It keeps the transaction in the family, makes the company stronger, and helps the stock value (all agents become owners after their first closing). So ... you could receive agents referrals too.

What Training Is Available To eXp Agents?

For most agents, the education and training are the BEST part of eXp.

The ability to collaborate with agents across the country (and the world) inside Referral Agent Nation, Honey Badger Nation, and the eXp universe are incredible. Plus the 5 weekly masterminds with agents who have "been there, done that" fast track your career growth.

In addition, the top agents in the company teach dozens of classes every week inside eXp World (our virtual campus) on topics including: lead generation, leverage, contract negotiation, and business building.

Never pay for training or coaching ever again.

Does eXp Offer Agents Healthcare Options?

Yes. Each eXp agent has direct access to a healthcare professional who can custom design a plan to meet your needs. Check out this video.

Referral Agent Success Story

Give Them Mardi Gras Beads

Jen Burns sells homes in Louisiana and is quoted saying: "You don't need a large team to have a large business." She believes small is beautiful. Jen sold 78 homes in one year and earn 464k in GCI as a solo agent. The majority of her business is repeat and referral from her PCSOI. Jen's favorite way to stay in front of her people is to host small events (like her King Cake Tasting party) and giveaway small gifts with a local connection (like Mardi Gras Beads and crawfish trays). She also maintains a private "Jen's Client Appreciation Group" on Facebook where she connects with her people daily. Jen believes in the power of hyper-focus on her PCSOI.

Meet Kim & Mike Cerrone

Kim & Mike Cerrone are the co-founders of Referral Agent Nation powered by eXp Realty. They work together to help agents achieve higher levels of success and live more fulfilling lives.

Kim is a powerhouse social connector and the "behind the scenes" silent partner in all of Mike's entrepreneurial adventures. Kim is an exceptional salesperson with a background in a wide range of industries. As a child, Kim would go door-to-door selling real estate with her father. One of her greatest achievements was working her way up from teller to manager of a 65 million dollar branch. At the bank, Kim was consistently in the top 5 individuals for sales within the entire national company. She trained sales teams and individuals to help them identify their goals and maximize their potential. Kim has an uncanny ability to identify anyone's "super power" and help them succeed in a way that is comfortable to them.

Mike is a serial entrepreneur who has started 11 companies. In 1993, he got his real estate license and started selling homes. Mike's been a solo agent, team leader, broker owner, and investor. His highlights included: listing 21 homes in 30 days, attending 9 closings in one day, and selling 113 homes in one year (which ranked him Top 300 salespeople in the nation by NAR magazine). For the last decade, Mike has interviewed over 250 top solo agents, top team leaders, and top trainers and shared that knowledge through Master Mind Agent.

Kim & Mike are married with 4 children, 2 grandchildren, and one dog ... a Chesapeake Bay Retriever named Falkor.